Buy Property In Corfu

Buying Property In Corfu

Athens and Santorini Islands might be popular but when it comes to residing in a place not everyone is going for popularity. Corfu islands provide you that perfect seclusion and peace you want from a beautiful residing Island. Corfu is frequently visited by tourists who come for the natural beauty but the crowd of tourists is not as much as it is in Athens or in Santorini Island. Corfu is one of the best places of residing in Greece, it is a safe place, the crime rate is low, transportation is fairly easy. It has an airport that takes you to the other Islands of Greece and to some European countries like London and most European airports during the summer season For people coming from other parts of the world usually come to Athens Athens first then take a connecting flight to Corfu.

Why Should You Buy Property In Corfu?



Unlike other European countries with extreme weathers, Corfu in Greece has a nice mild temperature throughout the year. During winter it’s slightly cold and wet. Leaves don’t fall from trees during winter and trees stay green. During the hot season the cool breeze keeps the temperature constant. If you are planning to buy residential property in Corfu, the weather is not something you need to worry about.


Living Conditions

Corfu is a town and not a city and there are few villages around Corfu. So you can expect low levels of air and water pollution as well as noise pollution. You will notice it is a quite silent town with buzz off tourists now and then. It has an amazing scenic beauty. All this makes it perfect as a holiday home or retirement home. Corfu can be one of the most amazing islands to choose in Greece.


Getting Around Corfu

When you decide to buy a house in a certain place the first thing you need to determine is how you will travel around or get around. In Corfu you can travel via your personal car or you can take up public transport such as a bus.


People Of Corfu

If you worry about the neighbours, you do not have to worry about it. Corfu has few of the most amazing people in the world with welcoming attitude and amazing hospitality. Everyone tends to live together to communicate and be part of joint culture in Corfu.


Luxury Villas In Corfu

If you want to make the fullest of the beautiful beaches and scenic mountains of Corfu, buying a luxury villa can be one of the options. The cost of villas in Corfu is not so high and you can get all the amazing amenities and utilities at an affordable price.


Commercial Property

Tourists from around the world come to Corfu and rent out luxury Villas at good prices. If you are planning to buy a commercial property you can make a lot of profit through rental service.



Corfu much like many other Greek islands is a mixture of many cultures so the food available in the place is also a mixture of different kinds of food. It has Continental to Chinese to middle Eastern you will get all kinds of food flavours in Corfu.

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